Rocklin High School senior, Ashley Hay (right front) organized a Debate Competition with her peers to practice debate skills on current issues during the November 16, 2016 Stand-Up Get Down youth event at Johnson Spring View Park in Rocklin. This event was sponsored by Rocklin Parks and Recreation Department, the Coalition for Placer Youth, Auburn Hip-Hop Congress, the Placer County Youth Commission, the Coalition for Auburn and Lincoln Youth, the South Placer Teen Center and a host of other volunteers.

Placer County Youth Commissioners setting up peer art display during November 16, 2016 Stand-Up Get Down youth event in Rocklin.

Placer County youth and advocates become Trauma-Informed Peers in this session by Pastor Clay Rojas during the 2017 Raising Placer Summer Leadership Retreat.

Placer County Youth Ambassador Srinjay Verma (left) and Placer County Youth Commissioner Mitchell Herbert (right), both Rocklin high school students, participate in prevention activities and training at the 2017 Office of Traffic Safety Youth Summit in Anaheim in September. This event was co-sponsored by the Coalition for Rocklin Youth, the Coalition for Auburn & Lincoln Youth, the Placer County Youth Commission, Friday Night Live and the California Office of Traffic Safety. A total of 13 youth and adults from Placer County attended this 3 1/2 day training with over 700 other youth working on health, wellness and safety prevention efforts from around California

Spring of 2016, Placer County Youth Commissioners held a Press Conference at Whitney High School in Rocklin. Commissioners shared concerns about their peers from binge drinking and underage drinking and discussed the benefits of Social Host Ordinances along with leaders from local law enforcement and government.

Coalition for Placer Youth members, the Arevalo family of Rocklin, helped spread prevention information to participants of Rocklin’s Hot Chili Cool Cars event September 2017. Over 170 bags and over 1700 materials were shared with event attendees to inform parents and attendees about stress management tips, alcohol, prescription drug and marijuana prevention information. This was all done in the name of fun with stress brains and a kid’s car wash for young ones to cool off in.